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I believe which is better is just a personal opinion and cannot be solved based on facts from the opposing debater. I do live in the United States and naturally think that paying the extra buck for healthcare when I want it, without a long wait, is better than having to wait for service. One man from this article said he waited 5 years for a surgery and still haven't received the service. Above that he cannot switch doctors to his liking. I am sorry but I am a person who likes high quality service and will pay the extra to get it. Now for those who are saying money money money blah blah blah I'm broke blah blah blah.

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Could you please give me more information on your health care system?Like do you have to pay a monthly premium or it a health card given to everyone from the government?Does the health card cover drugs or do you have to have a different drug card?How much does the drug card cost and what does it cover?If everyone is given a health card and doesn't have to pay for it how does the government afford this?I heard that Canada sales tax is like 17% to cover the government paying for health care is this true?All the information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. first, thanks for the article, helped me a lot with a paper im doing. Canadian vs Us health care systems. so thanks. secondly the points of view with all the different comments are interesting, personally i do like the canadian health care system, i like being able to go into a hospital with a broken arm and not have to pay cash for it at all. However, the waits are very long. In the er they should at least give pain killers to the people that need them a lot sooner. I was waiting in the er, with both bones in my arm broken and just about sticking out of the skin. They wouldn't give me pain killers for 3 hours of waiting there. Painful experience that took about 8 hours just to get x rays.

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This San Francisco based startup is making tailored health insurance plan recommendations for people in the gig market and is licensed to sell their plans across 39 US states. Stride Health is also providing mobile and Web based services to assist their clients once they come on board after buying a health plan. Support includes guidance on subsidies qualifications and reminders about premium payments. Stride health details all the available plans and helps the driver to compare and calculate the associated costs. The goal of Stride Health is to offer health insurance plans that match your budget and lifestyle. Your personal auto insurance policy will come into action, if you happen to be driving off duty and the Uber app is not open in your phone.